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Tamil movie ‘Miruthan’ review and box-office collection report


“Miruthan starring Jayam Ravi and Lakshmi Menon hit the theaters today. It has garnered excellent reviews, and Box office collections have been excellent.

The first Tamil zombie movie has all the chilling horror elements, with breathtaking action and a brilliant performance by the film’s protagonist Jayam Ravi.

The film which was released worldwide contains a saturation of visual effects (VFX), and there were 1000 VFX shots which are not readily discernible to the audience.

The curtain rises with a dog changing into a vicious beast after getting infected by toxic wastes. The dog then bites a man, and a cataclysmic chain of events start to unfold. Jayam Ravi, a traffic policeman who is burdened with the responsibility of taking care of his younger sister.


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Ravi is in love with a doctor Laxmi Menon whom he does not dare propose. All his trysts with the lady conclude by showing himself in a bad light.

Worse Laxmi is already engaged to be married. AS the events unfold it is left for Laxmi and her alleged lover who end up in Coimbatore in a hope that they could find a cure for the Zombie virus.

Jayam Ravi is perfect in his role as a traffic inspector while Laxmi Menon plays his love interest. They are working together for the first time, and the chemistry between them is also good.

After having done dominant roles in films like “Thani Oruvan” and “Bhooloham,” Jayam Ravi is brilliant in every aspect as a one man army against a multitude of Zombies. He is required to fire his gun continuously and when his sister gets infected the talented star gets to show his emotional side particularly when he shows his love for Laxmi Menon.

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