Carmakers limiting data shared with tech partners like Apple and Google

The cars are becoming smarter with the addition of new pieces of tech bits into them each day, but the carmakers do not want to share its data with their technology partners like Apple Inc. and Google Inc. The new system that links smartphones to vehicle infotainment systems can allow access to drivers’ activities, but the car manufacturers now restrict it.

According to Reuters, Audi’s subsidiary Volkswagen AG’s and other giants in the auto industry like Ford Motor Co and General Motors have joined hands with Google and Apple, to link their vehicles to their platforms. Google provides Android, and Apple provides iOS as platforms for the smart cars, but their vehicular data is not being shared with these tech companies.

The automakers plan to sell this data and believe that it would make them billions in the future via e-commerce. Although they’re only at their early stages of forming the strategies for monetizing this data, they are hopeful of its fruitful outcome.


Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto are the two infotainment systems becoming more popular every day and companies are seeing a potential for monetizing in them. Automakers fear that by gaining access to this infotainment system’s data, tech companies might make a lot of money from it. Some of them have openly denied of sharing vehicle’s functional systems’ data which includes the steering, brakes and throttle.

Don Butler, Executive Director, connected vehicle and services, Ford Motor Co said in a statement, “We need to control access to that data, we need to protect our ability to create value from new digital services built on vehicle data.”

This data holds significance in planning travel services using the information analyzed from it, as the better routes and stops can be suggested. The car can indicate approaching food joints or restaurants as well, even showing ones frequently visited by the passers-by and ones which are avoided.

So far, carmakers are disasters at data business, failing in all the possible aspects. Only if these carmakers understand how these data markets work in a connected world, they can improve the driving experience of the customers and make huge profits via e-commerce as well. Talking about the improved ride, Google aims to integrate data from the car with its Android Auto features to make the ride a convenient one.



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