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Yahoo vs. Microsoft to become default search engine on Apple Safari, after Google


Yahoo Inc.(NASDAQ: YHOO) is currently competing with rival group Microsoft Corporation(NASDAQ: MSFT) to get the position of the default search engine on Apple(NASDAQ: AAPL) Safari.

Reports are suggesting that the year 2015 will see the end of the existing contract between Google and Safari, based on which Google(NASDAQ: GOOG) is currently playing the role of default search provider for the browser.

It seems that the Cupertino-based tech biggie has no plans to renew its contract with the Mountain View-based search engine giant; as a result, other giants of the industry including Microsoft and Yahoo have started to contact Apple with the aim to replace Google as Safari’s default search engine. However, here, it must be noted that the search technology at Yahoo is powered by Microsoft as per a ten-year agreement signed by the two companies in 2009.



Recently we saw Yahoo replacing Google as Mozilla Firefox’s default search provider. Google had a long associating with Mozilla; it has been the default search engine of the Firefox browser since 2004.

If Yahoo ends up signing a contract with Apple for offering search service on its Safari web browser, it will definitely not be the first time the two companies will get associated with each other. Right now, Yahoo provides the Cupertino-based company with sports and stock information.

Microsoft is also already related to Apple as its search engine Bing delivers search results on Siri; for those who don’t know: Siri is the knowledge navigator and personal assistant that can be used as an app on Apple’s mobile operating system iOS.

The opportunity of becoming Safari’s default search provider will be very profitable as currently this Apple browser is made available on all iOS and Mac devices as their core app.


There’s no denying the fact that no other search provider has achieved as much success as Google has managed to achieve over the years. Thus, to match Google’s proficiency, Yahoo is currently working to revamp its search tool’s interface.


The deal, if finalized, will mean a lot for Yahoo as it will help the company to boost both its search and advertising business, which in turn will result in a rise in its revenues. Whether Yahoo eventually manages to woo Apple is, however, something we will have to wait to know.

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