Turkey under seize as military coup tries to takeover; 181 killed

In an attempted military coup in Turkey that took place yesterday night, more than 180 people were killed, 2800 were detained, and 800 people were injured.

Over thousand of soldiers came together to go anti-Erdogan by taking over the government buildings, media bureaus and bombing the Parliament.

The latest report by the government claims that things are under control as they have arrested more than 754 soldiers so far. Once the news started coming that the army coup had taken over the country Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was flown to a safe place in Istanbul until the situation was brought under control.

there is violence reported in Bangalore this evening where the police fired protesters of the Kaveri river dispute.

In an official statement, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has said that they have taken the help of military and public servants to establish peace in the city again.

He has even issued an order to the army to shoot down the aircraft that are under the control of the coup if the situation arises.

If we go by history, this is not the first time that Turkish military has launched a coup attempt at the government.

From 1960 onwards the Turkish army has overthrown four governments in the name of protecting the country from over exposure of Islamic belief and chaos.

For now, the military chief of staff Gen Hulusi Akar whereabouts remains unknown and even though it’s reported that situation has come under the control, but allegations of gunfire are being reported in the main cities.

The situation in Turkey is not only creating havoc there but other countries like UK, UAE, India, etc. are also worried as a significant number of people from this country reside there.

These nations have addressed the people to stay indoor and will take all steps to guarantee their safety.

But as of now the government claims that peace has been restored in the city.


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