Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) stocks falling in Wall Street, Elon Musk and investors worried

Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) is slipping down the stock market and is getting burning the cash with a loss of $4000 per Model S car. As per the reports, Tesla has already taken out $359 million out of the cash stash for the luxury cars. Tesla Motors said that they are going to lower down sales targets for the next year, which either means little profit or the company making some right moves to cover the loss it suffered.

While stocks are slipping out, Elon Musk said to its investors that the company will gain some real profits from the start of the year 2016 or in the Q1 of the same, and also the company isn’t going to give up on the company’s shares.

Next thing, Tesla stocks are currently on a slight decline of -1.47% at a total value of 30.65 Bn. The price per piece has fallen a bit as well, and its trading with 242.51 with a decrease of -3.62. Looking at the record, on the Friday itself companies stock went down to a low of 238 per price but soon it recovered its value of 242.51 by the end of the day. If we talk about the last one month, Tesla has been falling since 20th June 2015, at that point it probably had its highest market value with a per piece price of $288.

Company’s year’s target is about achieving a total value of $277.5 with a total volume of 5,069,518.

Apart from that, the company has launched a new program for the current owners to refer their friends and relatives to buy a Tesla model for themselves. Both the persons, the one who got referred and the who referred will receive a gift certificate of $1000 each.

This looks like a great deal, because the $1000 credit can only be used with Tesla’s services and in buying the parts, which certainly increases the amount of Tesla cars on the road in near future. We can predict at least a growth of 0.1% in the total sales of Tesla cars with this new scheme.

Looking forward, Tesla Motors have also introduced a new type of charging station that looks much like a straight standing snake, and it plugs automatically whenever the car is near to it. This is serious technology as it improves the usability and user experience as the person doesn’t need to always remember to plug-in and charge the car.


As we all know, Tesla Motors Model Car is certainly the most advanced vehicle the world has ever seen, tested and driven. At least we are not looking at the hacking attempts on the car’s software that happened to the Chrysler cars.

Not an actually a point to discuss here, we only wish to see more of innovation coming out from Tesla Motors and hope the stocks gain their right position in the market.


  1. This author appears to be a cheerleader for the company. If you look at the financials, Tesla loses a lot more than $4,000.00 per car. Then, factor in the expenses of building new super chargers, and paying for the electricity for those super chargers. Which, by the way, the electricity is mostly from coal and fossil fuels.

    Does this author live under a rock? Wired, NPR, and Business insider all reported a Tesla being hacked last week, where the hackers were able to stop the car.

    It seems as if these reporters are paid reps for Tesla motors. Either they are ignorant to the facts, or have other motives. Be warned!


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