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Tamil movie ‘Aarathu Sinam’ Review!


Directed by Arivazhagan,Aarathu Sinam” is a Tamil crime thriller and is a remake of “Memories 2013”, a Malayalam movie by Jeethu Joseph. While N.Ramasamy has produced the film,

Thaman has composed the music. The production of the movie started in the month of November 2015 and was all set to be released today that is 26 February 2016.

The film is going to enjoy a good response since Memories stands in the list of top suspense thrillers ever created in Mollywood.

The story of “Aarathu Sinam is entirely contemporary and revolves around issues of modern day. The film is specially dedicated to the youngsters.


The film stars Arulnithi along with Aishwarya Dutta in the lead female role. These days, Tamil film industry is dominated by thriller movies and so, this would face some tough competition with releases.

Watch trailer video:

After the official trailer, one can say that this film is quite different from other Malayalam movies. In this film, Arulnithi plays the role of a police officer who is an alcoholic. He has displayed all angles of perfection in this role.

Earlier we have already seen the actor play a cop in different movies, and so, this shouldn’t have been a terrible thing to do. Heroines don’t have many tasks to do in this film. The songs are pretty catchy and are sure to gain a lot of popularity once the film releases.

The plot of this movie!

The plot revolves around Sam Alex, a peace loving policeman whose wife and daughter get murdered right in front of him. Owing to this, he turns alcoholic and starts an investigation of another case wherein few girls go missing and are found to be kidnapped.

After many refusals, he finally accepts the case and finds a breakthrough. With the help of post-mortem reports, he finds some clues that the killer leaves on the chest of the victim. This story is a new experience in itself and mainly deals with modern day issues.

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