Home Technology Snapdeal fined Rs.10,000 for not delivering iPhone at Rs.68

Snapdeal fined Rs.10,000 for not delivering iPhone at Rs.68


The Sangrur District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission has levied a Rs.10,000 fine on Snapdeal because it failed to honor the iPhone 5s 16GB (gold) deal which it said can be availed for Rs.68, as per the listing in July 2014. The company stated that there was a ‘technical hitch’, but the forum dismissed that argument straight away.

The complaint was lodged by an engineering student from Sangrur, Nikhil Bansal who approached the SCDRC in Sangrur Punjab after he sent several emails to the company which was just not answered.

On 26th of March 2015, Snapdeal was ordered to provide Nikhil with the iPhone at the rate at which he ordered it, i.e. Rs.68. The forum declared it as being a ‘clear cut case of deficiency in service’. Snapdeal was asked to pay Rs.2,000 for litigation and compensation charges.

According to a new report, the Forum dismissed the appeal of the court against the order of 12th of February and ordered the company to pay a fine of Rs.10,000 as fine to be deposited in Consumer welfare fund since it failed to get the product delivered as per promised.


We have heard before too as to how Snapdeal artificially inflates discounts by inflating MRP so that customers can be misled into buying their products.

In the past, the company was accused of delivering a soap instead of a phone. Not only this company but other leading e-commerce stores too have been accused of delivering bricks instead of phones and cameras.

It is Snapdeal’s responsibility of conducting an audit of listings daily so that anomalies can be found. The company cannot blame customers or give silly excuses to get away with the matter. This court order is a warning for all companies who generate hype and grab the attention of the customers.

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