Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Black Friday Deal: Is it the right time?

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 shoppers beware – you’re about to be faced with a unique question this Black Friday. Should you buy a Galaxy Note 4 device this weekend, or wait longer to see if a further price drop will occur?

The answer though might be a lot simpler than one might imagine. Amazon, for example, will be running a promotion on the device that will make the smartphone $0.00 with a two-year contract through the three major carriers – Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T. When first hearing the promotional price of the Note 4, you might be asking yourself “So, what’s the deal?”


You’re definitely not alone there, either. Unfortunately, the pricing on the device – even for as impressive as it is from the specification standpoint – isn’t all that impressive. The truth is that while a price drop is unlikely on the device between now and the spring, there also isn’t anything that makes buying the device this weekend – compared to any other weekend – really necessary.

The device is impressive on paper. A 5.7-inch screen, a 16-MP camera, a 2.7 GHz processor that really is amongst the fastest on the market, and 32 GB of storage – but still – very little to drive customers to the device given that the price will fall in line with what the ordinary price point is.

Now, for customers who are looking to buy the AT&T version, there is some opportunity for a free device, but that ultimately comes down to signing up for the plan that would split the difference, and put it on your monthly bill. Again, this isn’t anything new for AT&T customers, either. So, the ultimate question is how ‘worth it’ is making the purchase this weekend, versus any other weekend or day of the remaining holiday shopping season.

The worst part is for customers looking for a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is that Amazon isn’t the only one offering a pretty boring price point on the device this holiday weekend. Most retailers are offering the same promotional price which isn’t all that impressive – any way you cut it.


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