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Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator Price, Review and Features

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Samsung has just unveiled a Family Hub Refrigerator, a high-tech fridge which will become an essential appliance in your home, says a report dated April 02, 2016.

This appliance sports cold technology of all sorts which keeps you connected with the family and allows you to manage food, apart from entertaining you. It has an innovative design and is a blend of future and modern all in one.

The retail price of The Family Hub would be around $5,000 and can be bought at any major store selling Samsung appliances such as The Bay, Sears, The Brick and Leon’s.

It has all communication needs housed and displayed for you on the 21.5 LCD full resolution screen which takes up the upper right door.

Check complete features and other details on official Samsung website here.

With this command centre, calendars can be shared and updated, photos can be shared, kids’ work of art can be posted, and valuable reminder notes can be left, through the smartphone.

The fridge is quite efficient when it comes to managing the groceries, keeping track of food packages and expiration dates.

All this information is displayed on the big screen directly as notifications are sent through the Samsung Smart Home app.

It is very easy to access the fridge when you aren’t at home. If you need more vegetables, milk or sauces, you can instantly have a peek of the refrigerator with its high-quality camera.

With its command centre, recipes for cooking can be downloaded, and shopping lists can be shared. With this technology, groceries can be ordered with a major credit card.

Another major highlight that it converts fridge to a freezer that helps in storage needs and keeps the food items fresh for a long time through a specially designed Metal Cooling System. It comes in 4 models, black stainless, stainless, full depth and counter depth.

Even when it comes to entertainment, this fridge is a great option. It has a built-in speaker connecting to the Bluetooth wireless speaker around the house, which helps in watching sports games, movies, TV shows and listening to music while preparing meals.

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