Peaches Recalled Due to Listeria Contamination

A Cutler, California packing company is now recalling a combination of peaches, plots, and plums, and nectarines due to listeria.

The Wawona Packing Company of California issued its peaches recall on July 1, with packed peaches from June 1 through July 17 being recalled by the California company. Specifically, brands such as Mrs. Smittcamp’s, Sweet 2 Eat Organic, and Sweet 2 Eat are the target peaches and other fruits that are the source of danger. Wawona Packing distributes products to Trader Joe’s, Sam’s Club, Costco, Whole Foods, BJ’s Wholesale Club, and a number of other retailers.

Wawona says that it knows of no illnesses from the peaches recall in question, but says that it has decided to inform everyone to whom it distributes its products in order to prevent death and sickness as widespread as it could go. According to the FDA,  Wawona issued its peaches recall after discovering the contaminated peaches in its own company testing.

Listeria is a bacterial infection caused by eating food (such as peaches) that contains the listeria bacteria. As the bacteria festers, it leads to a condition known as listeriosis that has a mortality rate of 20 percent. It is known to affect pregnant women, elderly persons, and those with weakened or compromised immune systems.

For those who want to know more about the peaches, plums, nectarines, and other fruits that lie under Wawona’s recall, visit for more information.


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