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Obama to Honor Six Indian-American Scientists


At a ceremony this spring, US President Barack Obama would be honoring 6 Indian-American Scientists and engineers from a group of 106, with a prestigious Award, Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers which is considered to be the highest US government award for independent researchers.

The Indian Americans who are selected for this award are Shwetak Patel from the University of Washington, Rahul Mangharam from the University of Pennsylvania, Vikram Shyam from NASA, Sachin Patel from Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Kiran Musunuru from Harvard University and Milind Kulkarni from Purdue University.

President Obama stated that the early-career scientists lead the way in efforts for confronting as well as understanding the challenges of climate change to the health and wellness. He further congratulates these accomplished individuals and encourages them to continue to serve this way.

Established in the year 1996, these Presidential Early Career Awards highlight the important role placed by the Administration in accelerating as well as encouraging American innovation for growing economy as well as tackling greatest challenges.


The research of Milind Kulkarni focuses on Compilers as well as Programing Languages supporting efficient programming and high performance of complex architectures.

Rahul Mangharam from Pennsylvania was selected for the invention of a new formal method that tests and verifies correct operation of medical device software, saves lives and reduces care costs.

Dr Kiran Musunuru has developed a ‘genome editing’ approach that permanently reduces the levels of cholesterol in mice. Sachin Patel through his research offers a ray of hope to alcoholics finding it difficult to remain sober.

France Cordova, The National Science Foundation Director, stated that the awardees are outstanding engineers and scientists.

He further added that they are the teacher- scholars who are going to develop new generations of outstanding engineers and scientists and would ensure that the nation becomes a leading innovator.

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