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NASA’s Hubble telescope spots dwarf galaxy KKs3 after 1999 KKR25 discovery


The Hubble Space Telescope

Scientists at the NASA have made a new finding with the help of the Advanced Camera on the Hubble Space Telescope. The article explains that the NASA had introduced the Telescope in the low earth orbit in 1990. It has been a significant source of information for the scientists all this time and recently, the Advanced Camera in the system has led to another major discovery.


Scientists now claim to have found a Dwarf galaxy using the Telescope. In 1999, the same set of scientists had announced finding KKR25, another dwarf galaxy. They say that the latest discovery marks the finding of the second dwarf galaxy after KKR25. It has been named “KKs3.”


Dwarf Galaxies

A scientists’ team, consisting of American and Russian scientists, explained that the dwarf galaxy has been located which is almost 7 million light years away from the earth. It was first discovered by the Special Astrophysical Observatory, which is located in Karachai-Cherkessia, Russia.


The scientists inform that KKs3 is a part of the ‘Local Group,’ a cluster of 50 galaxies. The group encompasses the earth’s Milky Way and another spiral galaxy, known as Andromeda. But, it is much smaller than the Milky Way and is estimated to be only one-thousandth of the earth’s Milky Way. Further known information on the galaxy is that it lacks a spiral arm as well as any new stars forming substances, such as dust or gas.


A scientist, Dimitry Makarov, who forms part of the Hubble team, commented that it is a very difficult task to spot a dwarf galaxy even with aids such as the Hubble Space Telescope. He said that they are making a map pointing earth’s neighborhood to assist further discoveries. He also proposed the idea that if there are several of such dwarf galaxies, it could help gain significant insights in the evolution of the cosmos.

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