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Moon Mystery Shadow Spotted; Could This Be an Alien?

image credit: Mirror UK

A Google Earth user has found an interesting shadow on the moon that looks similar to what we believe aliens to be.

The shadow seems small when zooming out, but when one zooms in and the figure is blown-up on the screen, it looks similar to some drawings of human beings. Some believe the figure to be an alien in outer space that was captured on Google Earth, unbeknowingly. The figure’s shadow is displayed on the moon, and this could provide some insight as to whether or not it is an alien or a shadow caused by some object in front of the moon that is hitting the light.

First, we cannot say that it is an alien – simply because we do not know what aliens look like. We have no way of knowing what the alien anatomy is because we have never talked to one, seen one, or read anything written by aliens to describe themselves. In the same way, one cannot know what a car is if he or she has never seen a car or heard the item being called a “car” by its manufacturer. To throw the label “alien” onto a moon shadow is nothing more than taking fictional aliens in movies and plastering the label onto a moon shadow.

Next, it is no secret that when objects meet others in the light and form a dark area, a shadow is created. This happens all the time when a person walks around at night with a light in front of or behind the individual. Again, there is nothing mystical about this scientific fact. With that said, what is assumed to be an alien could be nothing more than a piece of rock in space that happens to “shadow” the moon at just that exact time.


Last but not least, if aliens do exist (and there seems to be some optimism that they do), they have yet to concern themselves with getting to know us. It seems that the fascination toward aliens (a fictional name that has arisen as a result of science fiction movie culture) is more on our part than it is theirs. If aliens exist, and the moon shadow is that of an alien, then aliens could care less about humanity. This does not hype the fascination, but it is true. If aliens do exist, and they want us to know who they are (and they are intelligent beings), then they have ways of alerting us as to their existence.

In the end, the moon shadow does look human-like, but we cannot know if it is an alien or not. There is simply no way to tell. The moon shadow is an interesting phenomenon, however – but so are all the other shadow spaces on the moon.

To see the moon shadow for yourself, go here: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/moon-walking-alien-mystery-space-3993704#.U-OVXFZZYpF

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