Microsoft offers discounts up to $300 on Surface Pro 3 and $150 Surface 3 plus Type Cover

This holiday season Microsoft, along with the other products, is offering a significant discount on the Surface Pro 3 and Surface 3 plus Type Cover. The exclusive Microsoft Store offer is only valid till November 30th and offers an enormous saving of $150 on top Surface Pro 3 models and all Surface 3 models with Type Cover.

Starting off with the Surface 3 deals, Microsoft is offering a $150 discount on the form factor with Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi+LTE variant having 64GB/128GB storage.

  • Surface 3 64GB Wi-Fi – $349 ($150 saving)
  • Surface 3 64GB Wi-Fi + LTE – $449 ($150 Saving)
  • Surface 3 128GB Wi-Fi – $449 ($150 saving)
  • Surface 3 128GB Wi-Fi + LTE ($150 saving)

Under a limited time offer, buyers can choose the Type Cover of their preference, also the Microsoft Complete is optional for this deal.

Coming to the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft is offering savings up to $300 on the models.

Models available with $150 Discount:

  • Surface Pro 3 64GB Intel Core i3 – 1.5GHz, 4GB RAM

Models with $200 saving

  • Surface Pro 3 128GB Intel Core i3 – 1.5GHz and 4GB of RAM
  • Surface Pro 3 128GB Intel Core i5 – 1.9GHz and 4GB of RAM
  • Surface Pro 3 256GB Intel Core i5 – 1.9GHz and 4GB of RAM

On the remaining two models coming with Intel Core i7, Microsoft is offering a discount of $300.

All of these devices are in the market for quite a time now and offer great portability and power for those looking towards light-weight yet powerful solutions. Microsoft Surface 3 is just that type of example. It can provide high performance for those not looking to have cumbersome and large portable computers when the computing need is less.


On the other hand, the Surface Pro 3 makes a mark by featuring all those characteristics of a regular laptop by packing Intel Core processors under the hood. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 can act as a both laptop and a tablet with the Surface Pen to take notes, draw graphics and much more.


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