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Man who shot two NYPD Officers in the Bronx locks himself in girlfriend’s apartment and commits suicide


Two NYPD officers were shot and injured after they asked two men in a public housing complex to identify themselves. The injured officers are in a stable condition. Meanwhile, one of the suspects is believed to have committed suicide while the other suspect is in custody.

The man who is said to have shot the two NYPD officers has killed himself in his girlfriend’s apartment.


These were the last words of the man who had gunned two cops in a Bronx stairwell Thursday night before closeting himself in his girlfriend’s apartment and killing himself.


The man, Malik Chavis had 17 prior arrests. He was released in December 2014 after serving his time for attempted robbery, records show.
Malik Chavis was screaming ‘I shot this b…h…… I just shot a cop in the face’ before he entered his girlfriend’s room. Meanwhile, cops were closing in, and Chavis holding a gun pushed everyone including three kids into a bedroom before moving into another bedroom.

Wanda Simes, 56, Chavis’ girlfriend mother said that Chavis took his chain off and threw it on the bed. He called his father and said he loved him, kissed his girlfriend and went into the bedroom and shot himself.

The crime scene tape could be seen on the eighth floor were the two officers were shot at the Melrose Houses.

An eyewitness said that the two officers were patrolling the apartments when they asked the group to identify themselves. One of the men, Darrell Boylan, 26, escaped while another Franklin Salgado, 34, complied. However, Chavis pulled a gun and started firing. NYPD Officer Diara Cruz, 24, was hit in the abdomen while her partner Patrick Espeut, 29, was hit on his face.

Meanwhile, cops informed that Chavis was trying to rob the two men when he was confronted by the officers on patrol duty who were making way up the stairs.

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