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“The Korean Zombie” takes leave to serve Korean Military


Chan Sung Jung will be out of action for the next two years in the MMA circuit, not because of an injury but due to a mandatory military requirement back home. Known better as the Korean Zombie, Jung’s forced leave could be a blessing in disguise as he tries to recuperate from various injuries that he has endured from his previous years of competition.

Among the injuries that could get ample healing includes a dislocated shoulder which Jung suffered on August 2013 when he was competing against Jose Aldo in the UFC. He would have sprung back to action last October 4 against Akira Corassani, but another injury waylaid his comeback once more.


His years of fighting have cost him injuries which include surgeries to various body parts like his shoulders, nose, wrist and orbital bone. Hence, the decision to finally serve in the military service couldn’t have come at a better time, allowing him to rehabilitate his injured extremities for the time being.


Jung has often suffered disappointments in his comebacks, re-injuring or incurring a new one due to the wear and tear he has been collecting from various bouts and training. With the layoff, his body stands to benefit from all that rugged action, something expected to heal better with the time off from active competition in the ring.

At 27, Jung can still make a comeback two years from now. The South Korean mixed martial artist and kickboxer could do well to make the most of the two-year respite and return better and healthier as ever by 2016 and continue his journey in the mixed martial arts world.

So what can Jung look forward after two years time? Definitely, Jung is expected to come back with a ban and compete like before. And among his targets would be title belts, surely something the Korean Zombie will want back once he clears his military service requirement.

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