Home Entertainment Joan Rivers rests comfortably after cardiac respiratory arrest

Joan Rivers rests comfortably after cardiac respiratory arrest


Joan Rivers is reportedly resting comfortably and is in stable condition and has been placed in a medically induced coma after a health scare beset the popular comedian Thursday while undergoing a throat operation. To recall, Rivers was brought to the Mt. Sinai hospital after complication rose from her supposed vocal cord surgery.

The identity of Rivers was not immediately known that day after a 911 call was made and it wasn’t until the Mt. Sinai Hospital, through spokesman Sid Dinsay, officially revealed that the woman brought in was really Joan Rivers. The 911 call was made at 9:39 a.m. from the outpatient center.

According to reports, Rivers was undergoing an endoscopy for her vocal cords when she suddenly stopped breathing. Daughter Melissa Rivers along with grandson Cooper rushed to the hospital to be by the elder Rivers’ bedside once news about her condition came out.



The love and support for Rivers came in droves, everyone concerned about the actual medical condition of the popular U.S. comedian. Rivers’ family could not hid their overwhelming appreciation, mostly made through social media and promised to keep everyone updated on the condition and health progress of Rivers.


The cause of concern is understandable considering the Rivers has had previous health-related issues. At 81, and with a very alarming issue at hand, the cause for concern by family, friends and followers is understandable, especially for Joan Rivers who is considered one of the more loved celebrities in the world today.

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