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Jeep taking 7 new eye-catching concept vehicles to Easter Jeep Safari


Jeep introduced a wide range of concept vehicles to their potential future lineup today, unveiling a total of 7 to onlookers. However, CEO Mike Manley pointed to the growing tension that exists within the framework of the company – and the stresses that have come along with a differing economy – as to why Jeep is thinking long and hard before making any decisions on future production.

One of the biggest splashes that were made at the event hinged around the notion that Jeep might be considering a Wrangler pickup truck in the years to come. Manley said of the notion that the company might pursue a Wrangler pickup truck, “I am a huge fan of a pickup truck in the Jeep brand. Not just because of the history — it has been part of our history over the years — but also because it is one of the top subjects of topics that we have for discussion with our customers,” revealing the mix of caution and optimism toward a potential pickup in years to come.


Some of the other concept vehicles included in the event were the Jeep Chief, the Jeep Staff Car, the Jeep Wrangler Africa, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Overlander, the Jeep Renegade Desert Hawk, the Jeep Cherokee Canyon Trail, and the Jeep Wrangler Red Rock Responder. Manley went on to say, “Jeep is proud to be taking seven new eye-catching and extremely capable vehicles to the Easter Jeep Safari, where we expect to delight our most loyal enthusiasts.”



This is all good news, and exciting news at the very same time for a company that has otherwise had mixed success over the course of the last decade as sales have become increasingly challenging with the recession and general economic instability that came with the latter half of the first decade of this century. Lets not forget though that Jeep is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the automotive industry, and a big part of Chrysler’s overall success. For Chrysler to find stable, long-term success the company will need to see to it that they deliver a quality of product that doesn’t disappoint in any way, while simultaneously bringing newly excited customers into the fold.

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