HTC One M10: Release date, specs, features and price

Those hoping they might be able to get a close-up look at the HTC One M10 at this year’s Mobile World Congress are apparently in for a letdown.

New reports have surfaced saying the release of the newest model in this has been delayed at least a month.

Unable to show off the phone at the conference, rumors are that the company will instead hold a dedicated event to show off the HTC One M10 in March and will then release it in April.

For now, we’re going to have to continue to rely on rumors about what we can expect to see from the phone until it gets unveiled.

One of those rumors is, the rather cumbersome moniker of the HTC One M10 will be shed once the phone gets a proper introduction.

Industry analysts have claimed that because the M9 was not well received, the next iteration would get a bit of a reboot.

The phone’s codename is Perfume though other analysts say that name will likely not stick around once the handset launches.

Because the HTC One M10 has not been officially announced, we don’t have an MSRP.

HTC One M10 Price:

We do know this is supposed to be a new flagship level device which means that without a contract, you should expect to pay around $700.

As has been the case when it comes to leaking information about Android phones, Evan Blass has been the man to listen to.

Blass claims this model will have a 5.1-inch display and will sport plenty of power under the hood thanks to a Snapdragon 820 processor and Adreno 530 GPU.

Obviously, this phone is running an Android operating system and will reportedly be launching with Android 6.01 OS, otherwise known as Marshmallow.

When it comes to the actual UI, the HTC One M10 will be running the company’s dedicated UI known as the Sense version 8.0.

Now we just have to keep our eyes open for March when we can get confirmation from the company on all of this info.