How to Beat Tilting in Online Poker Games


Tilt is common to every poker player in all games of poker. It is a situation as well a feeling that remains with you for a while whenever you hit a stroke of bad luck, bad beats or maybe when your bluffs get caught. Frankly, we all know being on tilt isn’t a great place to be because you act under a heavy cloud of stress pumped by negative emotions such as impatience, anger, spite, frustration and anxiety.

Since, tilting in online poker games lead to highly undesirable results, not to mention a big dent on your bankroll, it is important to make attempts to avoid or at the least, control this situation in future so that you can continue playing poker with positivity. Here are a few strategies that might help you counter this situation.

Cap Your Losses

Whenever you play poker online, it is important to set a limit to how much you can afford to lose at a time. If you do not keep a track of your spending in online cash games, there is literally no way to tell how much you will end up losing in the end! You will simply keep buying your way in every time you hit a low. A simple way to counter this habit is to assign yourself the number of buy-ins you are going to make during one seating.


Some online poker sites offer responsible gaming tools that can help you keep yourself on the right track. For instance, online poker room, PokerBaazi offers responsible gaming tools that allow you to set limits on your deposits and withdrawals on a daily, weekly or a monthly basis. So, if you use this sort of tool in online poker games, the system will keep track of your transactions for you rather than you having to do it manually. When you set an upper limit, you won’t be allowed to spend a penny more than that.

Take Regular intervals

While playing online poker games any variation like OFC, Omaha or texas holdem, whenever you feel things have gotten too intense for you, get up from the table and take a breather. Go take a walk in the park, have a healthy meal, tune into your favorite songs, do some cleaning in your room or maybe simply relax doing nothing.

Never bother to over indulge with your opponents and make things personal. The moment you feel things are about to get out of control, simply quit. If you like to play online poker cash games, apply a timer that can remind you have capped your time limit and its break time. This way, you will not just lose track of time but also find the desired time to focus on other important things in your daily life.


Many poker pros practice meditation regularly to improve focus and stay mentally balanced in their gaming sessions. Meditating regularly before you play poker online or other online games can build your tolerance level and help you balance your emotions at the table and allow you to make decisions with a calm mind as well as protect you from distraction that may occur at the tables.

Playing meditative music when you play poker online also helps you keep calm and at peace and if you are someone who easily gets distracted or incited on the tables, this could be a credible rescue. Not to mention, meditation also helps you get rid of excessive noise and clutter from your head and improve your overall quality of life.

Focus on the Long Term

If you are here to play poker online to achieve quick gratification or enjoy short term results, you are on the wrong track buddy. Online poker is a skill based game with a tint of luck that could boost your results occasionally. However, in the long run, it’s your personal effort and furnished skillset over time that will offer lasting positive results.

This is the core reason why you shouldn’t be affected by occasional bad beats or dead cards. Patience is highly rewarding in online poker games and when you are in such a situation, just take a couple of deep breaths and tell yourself, it’s going to get better. You just need to hang in there and visualize the end goal of your game, especially if you are playing poker tournaments. Losing patience midway just due to a recent hiccup will only hamper your long term mission.

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