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How strong is the link between global warming and California drought


Human-induced global warming keeps on bullying California for more water; this demand for water increases with every passing year. Every year, heat squeezes out more moisture from ecosystems and soils. This happens because when the atmosphere becomes hot, its need for moisture increases automatically.

We see puddles evaporating much faster when the temperature is high. Similarly, soils tend to dry out faster when the climate in the warmer. Due to the growing global temperature, this fact is turning out to be true for most places worldwide.

At this moment, California is experiencing a severe drought. This encouraged scientists to carry out a study for determining how strongly the natural climate variability is linked with the drought in California. The scientists also worked to find out how much the drought can be attributed to the global warming. The findings of the study allowed them to conclude that the global warming shakedown is 8 to 27% responsible for the Californian drought.

The study was conducted using a unique model created based on historical data and puts the light on the future of California and the way warmer climates affect different natural forces driving these droughts.


According to the researchers conducting this study, global warming is basically a mounting background effect on the yearly variations in droughts triggered by natural climate changes. This fact is even more applicable for California as the precipitation in this region varies wildly from one year to the next.

Earlier, in spite of the near average or wet conditions caused by natural climate changes, demands of the greedy atmosphere could be met quite seamlessly. However, during the past few years, natural climate changes have forced the temperatures to become high and precipitation totals to become low.


Meanwhile, human-induced global warming started demanding more atmospheric moisture. This is happening when the water resources for human and natural systems are already experiencing a shortage in supply.

Natural climate changes produce extreme conditions only at times. However, global warming results in an increase in atmospheric demand for additional moisture every year as the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere keeps on getting higher. As a result, the ill effects of global warming on the water balance of California are becoming more and more detectable with every passing day.

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