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Google health search offers interactive details on diseases


Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) has added a new feature that would allow the people to search for a particular disease, symptoms with potential solutions and remedies to it. The cards in the search results are also going to include quick response required for some of the deadly diseases as well.

A few months earlier, Google announced the arrival of this health service, and the company said that they would hire a team of doctor from worldwide to create a database of almost every disease in the world with its potential symptoms and remedies. Apparently, this makes Google become the first search engine to offer medical help with just a search.

For now the company has covered almost 900 diseases, their symptoms, and treatment. Google would also suggest what else a person can do to get rid of this disease. This is the first of a kind service giving a broad coverage to almost all major diseases in the world.

Pointing out the importance of such features, Prem Ramaswami, Product Manager Google Inside Search, said that in early August, New York saw an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease that is a rare kind of pneumonia. Apparently, the search results would help people save their lives from such deadly diseases.


The updated search results are now rolling out slowly to everybody in the world. Over the course of few weeks, Google will be updating all of the search engines in the world to have this feature available to them.


So now the question is, how do we access such search results. Google has made it very simple, and all we need to do is just type in the name of the disease and you will have everything in card located on the right side of the search.

It would then feature all of the details about the illnesses, it symptoms, remedies along with an option to download a complete PDF for it. It also tells you how this can spread.

Other than that there are going to be graphical representation explaining how a disease affects a body part, along with tabs on the top containing more intense details on a particular subject.

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