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Five secrets that can transform your online business 

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It’s easy to think there isn’t much you need to do when managing your online business. After all, you don’t have anything expensive invested in bricks and mortar, and there’s not much to mess up, right?

The truth is, success in online business is hard, especially if IT and digital marketing is not your strong suit.

This is not to say success is impossible to reach. Far from it. Here are five secrets you can use right now to transform your online business:

Get someone else doing your IT

You wouldn’t let staff or customers in a shop that wasn’t secure and a pleasant place to be, but many businesses forget this with their online presence. Unless you’re an IT expert, you’ll need someone who is to manage your internet security and solve any problems with your website.

OutsourceIT is an IT support firm you can use to safeguard your online business and make sure it runs smoothly.

Get someone else doing your sales copy

Using the same logic, you wouldn’t employ a bored and untrained salesperson in a physical store, so you shouldn’t do the same with your website. Using a professional copywriter is one of the most cost-effective and powerful ways to improve your sales and keep customers coming back for more.

Remember, a copy is anything that sells your product. This means landing pages, product descriptions, internet marketing ads, even YouTube videos. You may be tempted to write these yourself, but remember that you get what you pay (or don’t pay) for.

Simplify your website

When you attract customers to your website, remember to direct them straight to the product or page you want to sell them on. Don’t confuse them with multiple calls to action, distracting advertisements, mixed messaging or irrelevant information. Your website is there for one reason – to sell.

Cut out as many barriers between your customer and the product as possible.

Sell where your customers are

It’s no use marketing your online business where nobody needs, wants or even understands your products and services. Focus on understanding your audience before you start to sell to them. The better understanding you have the more you will sell and the easier it will be to adapt your website and products to suit.

How old is your ideal customer? Do they have social media? If so, do they hang out on Facebook or Snapchat? What are their problems, and how can you best solve them? Answering these basic questions, is key to the success of your online business, regardless of industry and niche.

The sale is just the start

One of the worst mistakes in online business is to believe your journey with your customer ends when they buy a product. In all honesty, this is just the beginning.

Think about it. Now you know this customer likes your brand enough to buy from you and likely has many similar problems or desires they want fulfilling. Using tools like email and social media, you can stay in contact with your customers, build closer relationships with them and remind them of all the other products and services that would be of interest to them.

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