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Do You Have A Certification In Maintenance Management? Here Are 8 Lucrative Job Roles For You


Every company needs to protect its assets and plan progress in a systematic manner. The person who takes charge of all the responsibilities and looks after a firm’s smooth functioning is known as the Maintenance manager. The maintenance manager’s critical role revolves around organizing and strategizing the system and ensuring the progress in such a way that tears off is minimal.

Having a certificate in Maintenance Management teaches you the skill set required to manage the company and build the standards. You are trained to manage maintenance reports and budget, inspect and evaluate, ensure all regulations are being followed, fix complex repairs, manage maintenance staff, and manage timely project completion. As a maintenance manager, you will help the management to minimize accidental hazards, improve productivity, and save costs, among other things.

Maintenance Management is a prosperous career and opens doors to multiple sectors to explore yourself while expanding your horizon. The average salary of a Maintenance manager is $73,904. If you have certification in maintenance management, then the next step is to create a resume highlighting all the skills you have and then look for job opportunities.

Skills Required For Maintenance Management Jobs


Being in this sector requires you to extremely mindful and alert. You need to notice and keep track of everything happening on the property. When you have significant responsibilities like managing people, budget, and equipment types, your undivided attention is essential.


Good leadership and coaching skills

As a maintenance manager, you should have excellent leadership skills as well as mentoring skills. You might be asked to conduct workshops to train maintenance staff, while you also have to guide them to ensure that the workflow is maintained.

Proper knowledge

Knowledge is power. You must be aware of the technical intricacies to fit your workspace and give justice to your job role. Similarly, working in the field requires promptness that comes with knowledge coupled with experience. Even if you are a beginner, you must have the urge to learn and implement your learning in your assignments.

Communication Skill

Communication skill is one of the vital skill set required to kickstart your journey in maintenance management. Your job role will require you to interact with many people from different sectors, and having strong communication skills will help you draw better conclusions and manage your work smoothly.

While these skill sets are essential to become a maintenance manager, you must remember that you can also learn the skills with time and patience. You can improve yourself while exploring the innovative ways in which you can provide your knowledge to safeguard an asset.

8 Lucrative Job Roles That You Can Apply For

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Plant Maintenance Supervisor

The Maintenance supervisor job description in a plant revolves around looking after the timely production and delivery, ensuring smooth overseas transportation, budgeting, managing the deadlines and goals. Since the job role requires looking after the machinery, you need to be proactive and experienced.

Facilities Maintenance Managers

The job role of Facilities Maintenance Manager is to look after the proper functioning of the facility and ensuring a holistic environment for the co-workers. You have to look after the cleanliness, safety, and usefulness of the building. As a facility manager, you should be a good listener and observer.

Public Works Maintenance Manager

As a public Works Maintenance Manager, you have to look after the construction, repair, and overall maintenance of all the projects under the city development. The job description includes planning, supervising, inspecting the projects, and coordinating with all staff to meet the deadlines. Along with that, you have to prepare reports, train maintenance staff, investigate citizen complaints, and respond to casualty situations.

Building Complex Maintenance Managers

A Building Complex Maintenance Manager is a multitasker who looks after the A-Z happening in the building. Be in a mall or hospital; all structures need active surveillance and having a maintenance certification makes you eligible to take care of all these things. Starting from vendor relationship, preventive maintenance, ground maintenance, among other things.

Operations Maintenance Coordinator

All businesses and organizations need someone to streamline their workflow. That’s when Operations Maintenance Coordinators come into the picture. The key roles include keeping track of the submitted projects, being in touch with all the internal members, handling the cleanliness, equipment, maintenance requirements, and budgeting.

If you have good communication skills and can collaborate with people while keeping track of the organization’s process and managing the organization, this job role is for you.

Aircraft Maintenance Manager

Everyone loves to touch the sky, but few ensure the safety of each journey. Aircraft Maintenance Manager looks after the service and repair of the aircraft while assuring the timely and safe departure. The job role also includes carrying out the maintenance within the budget, tracking the staff’s progress, and reporting to a department head.

Construction Maintenance manager

Construction work is relatively time taking and tiresome. It requires expertise and active monitoring to ensure that everything is being done correctly. A construction Maintenance Manager is someone who looks after the construction right from the beginning till the project is over.

The job’s critical roles include managing human resources, scheduling the project, preventive maintenance and repairs, estimating the construction time and budget, managing the bid, and supervising and reviewing the facility regularly.

Workshop Maintenance Manager

Workshop Maintenance Manager looks after the entire facility by assessing the quality and safety standards, monitoring the sales, labor cost, and keeping an active track of the budget. The job requires you to be physically fit and comfortable work hours. You might also conduct training sessions around technical skills.

To Sum Up

A maintenance manager is required in every sector to look after the safety requirements and ensure the organization’s proper functioning. Having a certification in maintenance management gives you ample choice to choose from an array of lucrative jobs.

Irrespective of the size of the firm, maintenance managers play an integral part in any organization. Since safety and finance are the two primary components of a business, it is necessary to keep track of both and prevent situations that can lead to a complete breakdown.

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