China’s increased air pollution kills 4000 people per day

One of the densely populated countries, China, is now facing deaths of 4,000 peoples each day due to the increased amount of toxins in the air. The pollution generated by the burning of fossil fuels and factories have significantly increased the carbon content in the air, which on breathing does a severe damage to the body. People in Beijing and highly polluted cities have already started wearing the surgical masks.

At about 1.6 million people in China meet death due to the outdoor air pollution said Richard Muller, scientific director of Berkley Earth and co-author of this study. According to the Richard, after observing several locations in the China, it was analysed that a 40 percent of China’s total population inhales air that it unhealthy as per the U.S. standards. In China, the overall population of the country in the year 2013 was 1.357 Billion and the 40% of it is roughly 542 million people. Chinese people working in an open environment are at a devastating health risk.

Researchers said that air consists of pollutants with a size of 2.5 microns, which when inhaled could enter the bloodstream to cause a variety of diseases such as cancer. These particles are mostly made of the sulphur, justifying why there are so many deaths because of the air pollution.

Apart from that, more than 80 percent of the China’s population lives in an environment where breathing conditions are just near to the level of critical condition. Authors also said that the pollution that has been generated in a city travel to other parts of the country.

China depends heavily on the coal and fossil fuels for the power. As per the reports, 70 percent of total energy generated by the country comes from the non-renewable sources such as coal and petrol, which on burnt leaves the traces of micropollutants in the air. Carbon content is really high in the Beijing as city emits most of the harmful gases in the country.

Earlier in 2005, the city didn’t have much of pollution, however, soon with the growing skyscrapers it was difficult for the pollution generated on the ground to go and disperse in the environment — this further increased the pollution and difficulties for the Chinese people to even breath.

If we compare these statistics with that of U.S., then in the States people dying due to the air pollution per year are in a range of 63,000 to 88,000.

China must stop the burning of coal during the winter seasons and should also put a control on the amount of pollutants getting into the air, else it will only get worse.


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