Black Friday Deals may bring iPhone 6 and Galaxy Note 4 for Free

Black Friday is coming, and shoppers aren’t the only ones gearing up for the challenge. In fact, retailers as well as companies are working on lowering prices to better compete with each other, and to get to the growing market that makes up ‘Black Friday’ or ‘Holiday’ shoppers. The technology market over the course of the last several years has seen some of the largest, and deepest of price cuts of any individual market within the entire shopping, and Black Friday scheme.

This year appears to be no different. In years past, Apple and Samsung have both taken the opportunity to gain users, and upgrade their current users by offering severely deepened discounts on their devices. This year will be no different on that front either.

Target will be offering significant discounts to their iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and Galaxy Note 4 supplies, although it remains unclear how deep the discount will be, and a hefty process will be required to achieve the discount in the first place. Sam’s Club has noted that they will be offering a $100 discount. Walmart is already offering $20 off the purchase, plus a $75 gift card with the purchase of any iPhone 6, and those sales are likely to increase as Black Friday approaches.

As these retailers drop the prices on the already-known devices on the market, the companies will also be bracing for the release, and undoubted bundling that will take place with the Galaxy Note Edge. Some have even began speculating that the device will go on sale for free once the Black Friday sales are official, and for a new device that will be a major move for the company that has struggled to take on the major market share that they have been slowly losing over the last few years.

The black and white of the situation is that anyone who is in the market for an iPhone or Galaxy device they will have plenty of choices come this Black Friday, and through the rest of the holiday shopping season


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