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Arabian Ranches Golf Club: The prime destination for playing golf during summer and monsoon


Arabian Ranches Golf Club is one of the major golf attractions in Dubai. Located at the center of Arabian Ranches Community, it promotes golf tourism in Dubai aggressively. Arabian Ranches Golf Club opened its gates in February 2014. The sprawling, picturesque course appeals to amateurs and professionals alike. It also serves as a rejuvenating lifestyle destination where one can spend quality time with friends.

The sandy terrain with native shrubs and bushes adorns this golf club and is a welcome respite from the brick and mortar setup. Beautifully manicured landscape and the fairways give breathtaking views to tourists in search of pleasure and leisure.

Taking the golfing experience a notch higher, it provides GPS yardage service available at every cart of this golf club. This helps one to roam around the wonderland without getting lost.

Arabian Ranches Golf Club is also known for providing professional training to those who want to learn golf in a short time. If you are planning a family trip to Dubai during the next summers or monsoon, then you could expose your child to the game at an early age. The Junior Golf Development Programme is one of the highlights of this golf club. Your kid could surely benefit from the intricacies of the game. The indoor studio at this golf club gives you and your loved ones the best way to beat the heat while indulging yourself in the luxuries available at the course.


When on a vacation to Dubai, places like Arabian Ranches Golf Club are where you need to check in to have the greatest time both on the course and off the course.

Along with unlimited rounds of golf, the summer or monsoon trip to Arabian Ranches Golf Club is also about making memories at the natural expanse nestled in the backdrop of Dubai’s iconic landmarks. From a formal meeting with premium delegates to a casual get together with friends, everything is possible in an opulent setting. If it has the Baker-Finch Room for corporate and social functions, it also has the well-equipped Birdies Sports Lounge for sports fanatics.

After an eventful day at this premier golf club in Dubai, another surprise awaits you. This club has several luxurious guest rooms to pat you into a peaceful sleep after you come tired from the day long hectic golf sessions.

Arabian Ranches Golf Club ditches the scorching heat by making arrangements indoors. From golf lessons by professionals to various options for fun after a tiring day, this course in Dubai is all set to spoil you with world-class facilities. So, the next time when you zero in on Dubai as your fun destination, don’t forget to book sessions at this golf course. A vacation to Dubai is enjoyable in its real sense only when golf accompanies luxury shopping and spectacular sightseeing!

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