Apple Worldwide Developer Conference: Rumors, Expectations, and More

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, or WWDC as it’s called in short, kicks off this week and the expectation is that it will be one of the biggest events of the year. That though isn’t big news, as WWDC always draws a big crowd and unleashes some powerful developer intel on the rest of the world. While this year isn’t any different, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t some incredibly interesting new items that will be making their debut at WWDC. Whether we’re talking about new operating systems like iOS 9, or updates to Apple’s mobile mapping platform, everything technical will be getting shown off at this blockbuster event.

This week is also an important one for CEO Tim Cook who will be showing off some impressive new tools for developers of Apple Watch products. However, with all of the great new developments and software getting coverage at this event – we put together a round up of the best rumors, the best expectations – and the things that we’re all expecting to get out of Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2015.

iOS 9

This will be the most buzzed about topic at WWDC 2015, but the individual components within iOS 9 might actually be more impressive than the operating system itself. While iOS 9 is said to be a complete reboot and that it will completely re-envision Apple’s mobile operating system – it’s clear that there is going to be significant upgrades within the operation itself. Apple is said to be working on a product called “Proactive” that will take on Google Now, and work to help people get through their daily lives. That being said though, the operating system is said to be getting a big overhaul in terms of just getting it together. For example, iOS 8 has been easily the least stable of any operating system that Apple has ever put out. Apple is definitely going to be focusing on changing that perception as they unveil iOS 9 this week.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps is getting a serious upgrade at WWDC this year. Apple is going to be focusing on making sure that their mapping program for mobile devices actually lives up to the standards that have been laid out in the world of maps. The big addition that a lot of people think is coming with Apple Maps this time around is public transportation. That’s big for a lot of reasons, but most importantly because it’s one of the most obvious additions that Apple Maps has been lacking for years. Google has incorporated this feature, as well as some of the other big names in mapping, but Apple has remained behind the competition in bringing public transportation.

Apple WWDC

Apple Watch Apps

Apple Watch apps will be getting a serious overhaul as Apple will be making development of these apps easier than ever. Apple is said to be working on a developers tool kit that will make a ton of resources and sensors available for programming in the coming months. That will mean way more apps for Apple Watch, which is precisely what the company needs at this point to really push Apple Watch forward. It’s the first product that has truly been an original launch since CEO Tim Cook took over. In many ways, his legacy as a leader of the giant tech company rides on the Apple Watches success.

Apple’s Streaming Music

Apple is finally going to be making good on an acquisition that took place years ago, and made many in the tech world wonder what was going on at Apple. When the Beats acquisition first took place, the tech world wondered if it was a good move, and they wondered when Apple would finally move to truly monetize the service that they had captured. Now, more than two years later it would appear as though Apple is going to be taking advantage of what they have in front of them, and launching a music streaming service that could compete with Spotify. While it’s unclear whether this will be a Spotify killer, the app will certainly have a great chance – given that it’s already going to be preinstalled on millions of devices right off the bat.

Other Exciting News

Apple is also going to be hosting some 300 high school students who won a competition to actually arrive there. Their assignment was to build an app that told their story, and these aspiring developers did just that. Impressively, some of the designs were really advanced and a lot of the kids are very much looking forward to the event as a whole. It’s easily one of the most sought after events in the tech world all year – so this is certainly not a surprise. One of the attendees pointed out that, This has been my dream. To meet people my own age who do the same thing and write code. I can’t believe it.” Almost all of the students involved have universally pointed out that this is an incredible opportunity that likely will not see any comparison in the coming years. However, this will likely be something that Apple continues doing in years to come to get young people more involved.


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