Apple iPhone 6S Force Touch confirmed as Xcode Beta reflects it

Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) is only a few days away from the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus launch event and rumor mills aren’t stopping anytime soon. We have seen reports about the Force Touch coming on the iPhone, however, all of them are only speculations on the basis of leaked hardware and photos. Apparently, Apple has already confirmed us that the Force Touch is coming by adding a feature in one of its development tools. We are talking about the Xcode and the iPhone simulator present in it.

Whenever a developer simulates the application on the Xcode 7 beta, there is a new option appears in the Hardware Simulation Menu called as Force Touch Pressure, allowing the simulation of the pressure. However, since there is no iPhone 6S simulation available, the features remains locked or say inaccessible.

Apart from this, the Xcode carries Touch ID and other hardware simulation that is nothing out of usual. Apart from this, this simulation isn’t from the WatchKit, and now Apple is definite about launching the device with Force Touch in it.

What is Force Touch?

Force Touch is a new technology introduced by the company with the launch of Watch, later it made its way on the trackpads of MacBook and MacBook Pro and now it is rumored to launch with the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus as well.

Force Touch adds a new dimension of user interaction allowing the users to have different options when tapped a little hard on the display. Under the typical situations, the iPhone will provide usual functions, however, with the forced touch new shortcuts may appear.

The libraries are still getting finalized and will release with the stable version of the Xcode 7, where developers will be able to add new gestures and options. Looking at this from a developer’s eye, the app area can now have more options with some counting as a part of the Force Touch.

We can’t wait for the Sept 9.