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Apple Inc. set to lift Apple Id requirement for iPad in education


Success and Apple have been almost synonymous since the company was founded by Steve Jobs and his friends.

The majority of the items offered by the company have achieved immense popularity. Out of the rare instances of Apple offerings that have failed to win customers’ heart as much as they were expected to do is the company’s “iPad in Education” program; iPad for Education is Apple Inc’s educational program introduced to make learning more interesting for students.

There are many factors that stopped the program from running smoothly; experts believe that the most significant issue of them all is the prerequisite of creating a generic Apple ID only for downloading files onto an iPad.



Apple initiated the program with the aim of promoting and educating modern-day students about different technological advancements taking place around them. Through this program, Apple looked to sell iPads as educational devices that would be teaching students and make the process of learning more interesting to them. To put it more bluntly, the Cupertino-based tech giant wanted to benefit students while promoting its own product.

However, soon it was found that Apple’s plan is not working as smoothly as the company wanted it to. The idea of providing every student with an iPad was not well-accepted in Los Angeles due to the huge funds it required; reports suggest that to make the plan successful, the authorities in LA required a total amount of $1.3 billion. Additionally, the majority of the schools were also found to be lacking essential accessories like keyboards; what’s more students were also caught hacking each other’s devices.

After witnessing such chaos, Apple said that every iPad that is a part of the iPad in Education program will have to be regarded as the school’s property and will have to be shared by students.


However, this decision of the company gave birth to another issue; each iPad came with a unique Apple ID that stopped a second user from downloading files onto the device when required. To ensure that this issue doesn’t create any problem for students, school staff was asked to create new generic Apple IDs to allow all students download necessary educational content.

The most recent announcement from Apple, however, suggests that schools will no more need to use an Apple ID for logging in and loading apps.

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