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Apple 12-inch MacBook can use CHEAP third-party USB Type-C cables


When Apple introduced the 12-inch MacBook users were both excited and confused about its promise. On one hand, it was incredibly small and offered a great display. On the other, it introduced the USB Type-C port, which was something that has scared most users. Mostly due to the fact that it was the only port on the entire machine. That’s both impressive and frightening given the fact that it means users couldn’t even move files from one device to the machine – without sacrificing their charging port at the same time.

It’s created an interesting scenario when it comes to additional options. Other companies, besides Apple, have come forward and begun working on different adapters that can expand the options for Apple users of this new MacBook. It’s an interesting addition given the fact that usually Apple keeps an incredibly tight leash on their things like this. That’s why so many people are seeing this as a move toward the future. It gives companies like Belkin who produce a lot of Apple-based accessories already the option to continue to expand their offerings.


In doing so though, it allows Apple to really focus on delivering the best physical product that they can deliver. On one hand, it’s like looking at it from the perspective that they are only looking to focus on things that are particularly tangible to making the computers they produce better. It’s sparked a lot of debate though as some companies have come out with a 3-piece adapter, and a couple cord options as well that fix the outstanding issue of only having one port.


It should serve the industry well though, as a whole, considering many accessory options are getting a start on Kickstarter thanks to Apple not including the traditional options. At this point, it’s unclear how this will impact Apple’s long-term thinking when it comes to determining the future ports that will be included on their devices – but it will provide some good business for companies who have already made a good living from doing this.

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