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Anonymous Declares War On Donald Trump; Says His Campaign Will Be Dismantled

Donald Trump seems to be in a problem again since Anonymous has declared total war on him. Hacker Collective Anonymous says that it would expose such facts about Donald Trump that the public doesn’t want to know and would dismantle his campaign altogether.

In a declaration, it was said that they have been watching Trump for a long time and what it had seen was entirely disturbing. It further added that Trump doesn’t stand for anything but just power and personal greed.

It ordered to shut down his websites and also stated that after thorough research, the facts that he doesn’t want the public to know would be exposed. All they want is his campaign to be dismantled and brand to be sabotaged.

One thing that Anonymous can do for damaging the campaign of Trump is finding and leaking his tax returns, which is something no candidate wants the public to know. Trump had made claims that he cannot release the tax returns this year since they are under auditions. However, this wouldn’t stop him from releasing the returns of the previous years.

Now it is stated that there is a likelihood of Anonymous not doing anything major but just vandalizing the websites of Trump for a day or two. The hacker collective had displayed to have something similar to attention deficit disorder, when it comes to the attack of targets, although it helped last year with the removal of several ISIS-affiliated Twitter accounts.

The clip ended with a message for Trump stating that it was not a warning but a declaration of total war. There was also a message; Donald Trump – It is too late to expect us!


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