Why Cyber Security Is Everyone’s Concern


Cybercrime has gone global, and it is currently a multi-billion-dollar industry, and as such, it is now everyone’s responsibility if we are to combat this blight on the data age. Whether you own the data and the IT infrastructure for your business, are a user, customer, or employee, how you access and interact with the IT infrastructure and data is of paramount concern for the safety of such data and IT infrastructure.

The theft of data and damage to IT infrastructure has reached proportions where the losses in revenue could run a small country. There have thus had to be some changes in the way we protect and safeguard our financial future online.

The changes in cyber security

The way we view cyber security in the business and tech field has changed dramatically over the last few years, and from a departure point of being in the realm of the IT department and then the managed IT service provider, cyber security is now seen as part and parcel of everyone’s job. This change in mindset has been the most significant change in this field in the history of computing. No longer will it be sufficient to simply download an antivirus package and expect that this will protect you from cyber-crime. The criminals have advanced, and as such, so too must the thinking around how we protect our lives online.

Cyber security is thus a specialty that now pervades all other fields of study, so much so that even the Criminal justice degree online now has a specialization that includes information security and analysis.


All users need to take responsibility

Since it has been proven that people are the biggest risk to cyber security, it is only obvious that any cyber security program should start with the users at its heart.

Training users, staff customers

Anyone who accesses the network or adds to the data already held needs to be aware of the risks involved and understand why it’s important to mitigate these risks. If this is not done and a clear awareness created, the security process can be seen as a waste of time. Triple authentication and zero trust are onerous indeed until there is a clear understanding of how your information can be used against you if it falls into the wrong file system.

Following security protocols and processes

Once there is a clear understanding of the need and rationale for the security processes and systems, staff and, in fact, all users must be held to the highest expectations in following the set protocols and systems to protect and secure data and company information. This goes as far as physical access and entry to IT infrastructure and the use of secure passwords and means of authentication.

Cybercrime is expected to progress as the technology and quantity of data stored increases and becomes more valuable. Only if all those who have a stake in this data are involved in its protection can we implement appropriate cyber security.

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