The UK electric charging lanes under test for EV projects

The U.K. has designed a new kind of roads painted with green color to allow the electric vehicles travel and charge at the same. These new roads are currently in the test phase, and the Britishers have already invested nearly £200,000 in dynamic charging ways.

Most of automobile giants in the Europe are introducing their newly designed electric vehicle and Tesla Motors in the US has already started selling out a significant amount of cars. But the problem here is that, in case the car battery runs out then due to the absence of charging station and amount of time required to refill the battery eventually forces the users from staying away from such cars. Electric Vehicles still has a very long way to go and UK government just becoming a part of the journey.


These under testing dynamic charging strips on the road will help the cars travel a longer distance without stopping for a battery recharge. These roads have been equipped with the wireless charging equipment and will help the cars go for a distance of more than 300 miles on one single charge.

Later with time, the UK government will establish these lanes on almost every highway and road in the country.

It will encourage more people to switch to the electric vehicles and save the environment. Not only it will cut the air pollution caused by the gas vehicles, but also will help reduce the cost commuters endure while travelling in non-electric cars.

South Korea has already started moving their local buses on these strips so as to cut the amount of pollution generated in the cities. The UK, however, is trying to follow the same path and letting all the cars move on batteries.

Apart from this, researchers have already marked their point that in 40 years or less, the fossil fuels from the Earth will vanish, and there is no way we can re-generate them at a cost we do today. Most of the people won’t be even able to afford the fuel after a decade or two.

Solar energy and other renewable sources much come in the action, and electric cars are just an answer to that. Battery operated vehicles without creating any pollution can use the solar energy again and again without any worries.

Good thing, top leaders of the world are now moving in a good direction to save the world and the environment.


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