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Tempers flare after Blaney’s controversial victory in Bristol


Kyle Busch is considered one tough cookie to overcome, especially when you talk about restarts. Unfortunately, Ryan Blaney now becomes one of them but not after Busch and some other drivers on hand at Bristol questioned the final restart of the race.

Busch looked pretty good and headed to a dominant victory, but a questionable acceleration on the part of Blaney proved costly for the Joe Gibbs driver and field. Blaney and Regan Smith were behind Busch, but Blaney gassed it early, claiming that he thought he had reached the end of the restart zone.

Apparently the final restart was the story of the race, something that left Smith disgusted as well. “The last restart, they just waited forever to go,” Smith said. “I went, and I was getting pushed and everyone was playing bumper cars behind me. So I hate the restart the way it did.”

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Blaney’s celebrated “acceleration” practically gave him all the advantage he needed, making it hard for Busch and company to recover going into the final laps of the race.

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Busch revealed that after the controversial restart, it was hard to try and recover considering the resurfacing and grinding the track has had.“I don’t know that I could have (passed him),” Busch said. “It’s a single-lane racetrack. You can’t (expletive) pass here. Pathetic.”

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