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Spot Uranus near Venus in the predawn sky on Sunday


On June 11, 2022, a sky chart depicting the positions of Venus and Uranus. Before daybreak early Sunday (June 12), the dazzling planet Venus will glow near Uranus, acting as a bright beacon for stargazers attempting to discover the more distant (and dull) gas giant in the night sky.

Venus is currently visible in the early morning sky, low in the eastern sky, before dawn. Uranus is not visible without binoculars or a telescope, however it can be seen using binoculars or a telescope. It can be found on Venus’s upper left side.

What Experts Say?

According to Chris Vaughan, a geophysicist and amateur astronomer with SkySafari Software, who manages Space.com’s Night Sky calendar, Uranus is about a thumb’s width away from Venus.

“The two planets will be close enough to share the view in the eyepiece of a backyard telescope (inset), but dazzling, white Venus will outshine blue-green Uranus by a factor of 8,000, making the fainter planet impossible to discern against the glare,” Vaughan wrote this weekend about Venus and Uranus.


Use Binoculars

Use our guide to get the greatest binoculars and telescope offers now if you want to observe solar system planets through a telescope or binoculars. To prepare to catch the next planet sight on your own, check out our best astrophotography cameras and lenses. According to StarDate.org, eagle-eyed stargazers will glimpse Uranus as a blue-green object.


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