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Smriti Irani runs into trouble after an accident on Yamuna Expressway

Smriti Irani

Human Resource and Development Minister Smriti Irani’s car has hit a bike two days back on Yamuna Expressway. This incident has resulted in the death of a person who is a doctor.

During the day of the accident, Smriti Irani has tweeted that she has tried her best to save the life of the injured. The deceased was Ramesh Nagar, an Agra-based doctor.

Now, things have taken a new turn as his children have filed a petition against the minister. Dr Nagar’s 15-year-old daughter Sandili was there with her dad during the time of the accident. Her 12-year-old cousin is now in a critical state, and she is fighting for her life in a hospital.

According to Sandili, Smriti Irani has neglected the pleading of the victims during the time of accident. She alleges that the Human Resource and Development minister turned her blind eye against them, and the victims were compelled to wait for hours for medical attention.


Sandili made it clear that they were traveling in a very slow speed, and at that time Smriti Irani’s car hit them. After getting hit, Sandili along with her cousin pleaded for help, but Smriti replied that she will get help later.

Sandili believes that if Smriti has that gracious mind, then she could have helped them at that moment itself. Sandili believes that prompt help from Smriti Irani could have saved the life of her father.

As per Sandili, Smriti Irani walked out of the car after being hit, and she went to her destination in another car. The accident took place when Smriti was on her way to Delhi after attending a BJP youth convention in Mathura.

Opposition has taken this issue in a very serious manner, and in all probabilities, it will create negative impacts for the minister in the coming days.

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