Samsung Galaxy S7 edges out Apple iPhone 6s in US sales: Report

Samsung and Apple have slugged each other both in the markets and in the courts. However today they have a more pressing problem at hand than fighting each other, and it is the slowing of demand in the developed countries.

Samsung has taken remedial measures and is now focusing on emerging markets of India and South East Asia, and it seems Apple is losing out in this battle.

Samsung S7 has already edged out Apple iPhone 6s in the US for the quarter ending May 2016 according to a report by research firm Kantar Worldwide.

The latest data shows that Samsung has carved out a 37% share in the Smartphone market in the US while the share of Apple has slipped to 29%.

However, the race for the Number One selling Smartphone is much keener with Galaxy S7 accounting for 16% share and iPhone 6/6s Plus accounting for 14.6 % sales which have placed the South Korean flagship a whisker more than its competitor brand from the Cupertino-based company.

The reports also reveal that 14% Galaxy Smartphone users have switched over to Apple devices while only 5% Apple users switched to Samsung or other devices. It is clear that there are more dissatisfied Galaxy users than iPhone users.

86% users of the South Korean company’s devices remained loyal while 88% users of iPhone stood to stead fast loyal to Apple.

The race between the two electronics giant is much keener and close in the UK. The UK smartphone market is dominated by these two companies and with three out every four phone sold belonging to either and together account for 36% of the sales in this segment.

The Suwon-based company is facing a tough time nearer to home in China which the world’s biggest Smartphone market. The fight for the top two position is between Huawei and Apple, and the Samsung share has fallen drastically from 34% to just 9%.

In India, Samsung is the undisputed leader fierce competition from Micromax and Xiaomi.


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