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Puma P-32 follows sibling P-33 footsteps, crosses 101 Freeway successfully


The puma known as P-32 successfully completed a journey across the 101 Freeway in California, becoming the first male to complete the journey. The mountain lions have become famous for the series of photographs that look at their journey and life. Interestingly, P-32 wasn’t even the first to complete the journey.

Actually, P-32’s sister previously completed the feat and even passed through 8 lanes of traffic in the process. Those who watched the journey that P-32 made also pointed out that he didn’t just cross the 101 Freeway, but also got across Route 23, too.

Kate Kuykendall, who is a park ranger pointed out that, “Being a young mountain lion, especially being a mountain lion in the Santa Monica Mountains, is not easy.” She went on to say though that; “This is good news for P-32.”



Ultimately, this is good news for pumas in the region, which typically have a hard time continuing to sustain in that region. It’s a difficult thing for a puma to exist under those circumstances, and it’s trying for them to live a long, healthy life, like many of their counterparts, which are located away from that region.


Both P-32 and his sibling made the cross around the Camarillo and Thousand Oaks areas, it doesn’t diminish the challenge that is involved. At the end of the day, this is about making a significant move, and doing so successfully. This is the first male to complete the journey, but his sibling actually returned after making the journey across.

Many males in the area though struggle to thrive given how challenging it is for them to maintain themselves. Researchers have pointed out that ultimately it comes down to these animals having to compete with more mature male counterparts – and that contributes toward the demise of these animals.

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