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Pakistani Model Qandeel Baloch Shot Dead By Brother


Pakistan’s controversial model Qandeel Baloch has been shot dead by her brother on July 16, 2016, in Multan. Qandeel’s brother has previously warned his sister not to post bold videos and statements on her social media page.

The young beauty was in Multan to celebrate Eid, and this news comes as a real shock for her fans and well wishers.

Pakistani media has called this murder an honor killing, and Police officials have already started the investigations to unveil the hidden truth.

Baloch was considered as the Pakistani version of Kim Kardashian, and she used to post semi-nude selfies and videos in her social networking handle. She has millions of criticizers in Pakistan due to her bold acts, while some youngsters used to support her for her straight forward attitude.


Baloch’s latest music video “Bann” was released last week, and it was opened to mixed reviews. Many people criticized her for the content, but whatever be the case, the video became viral on the Internet.

It even sparked a debate in the country, while many religious preachers lashed out at her for spoiling the dignity of womanhood as explained in Islam.

Earlier, many reports have claimed that Baloch has been approached by the makers of “Big Boss” to participate in the show.

Baloch has ten thousands of followers in the social media, and in a recent talk, she has criticized the evil effects of a patriarchal society.

Around three weeks back, Qandeel has written to Minister of Interior Security to provide her security due to the threats she faces from various corners. She claimed that her life is in danger, and finally the worst fear became a reality from the hands of her sibling.

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