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Over one million Americans mulls boycott of Target over Transgender bathrooms


Target, the largest retail store in the US is facing warth from the people since more than 1,000,000 people have signed the boycott pledge against the store, following the secret decision by executives to open all of their store’s bathrooms and changing rooms to people of both sexes.

The petition was signed by roughly 75 people a minute and it reached 1 million signatures at 8.17 AM on April 29, as per a tweet posted on the official handle of American Family Association.

Commenting on the development, Tim Wildmon, president of the American Family Association, which is the main brainchild behind the boycott revealed that million people are going to spread the boycott call so that the company may not get those customers back or their money.

Wildmon further stated that Target’s “management is just going to have step up here [and] say ‘We’re selling hammers and hats, we’re not into social engineering,'”.


Even though transgender customers and staff were less than the rest of the population, Target ruled the decision in favour of the minority on April 20, which annoyed customers to a large extent. As per the report of the 2010 census data, only one in 2400 adults changes their names to match names used by the other sex.

Wildmon, meanwhile, disclosed that the main aim of his association is to not only affirm people’s privacy in bathrooms and changing rooms but also to block the progressives multi-front push to stigmatize and outlaw any recognition of the average differences between women and men, and between boys and girls.

The moment the decision was announced by Target, numerous comments, articles, and videos protesting the store’s one-sided decision have gone viral. Moreover, the majority of people feel that Target’s brand as a family friendly store has taken a huge hit ever since the decision was pronounced by the company without taking into confidence the views of customers.

Responding to media queries, company spokeswoman Molly Snyder declined to comment on the new rule but added that the company respects the views of customers and there will be a wide variety of perspectives and opinions.

Meanwhile, the company’s stock plunged to $81.22 on April 28 when compared to $83.98 per share on April 19, the day prior to the official announcement. The company’s official Twitter account is also inactive ever since the news was publicly announced.

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