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NHTSA looks into Honda Accord 2008 model faulty airbags issue after 19 complaints


After several incidents and recalls made by the automobile giants in the industry, NHTSA, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, is finally launching a probe into the 2008 model Honda Accord sedan cars whose airbags won’t inflate in case of an accident. Initial reports suggest that due to an issue in the controller, failing airbags have put lives to risk.

As per the documents from the NHTSA, the administration has launched a probe on Honda Accord 2008 model cars for the faulty airbags that won’t open during the crash. It got initiated when several complaints regarding the same started to surface. Out of many, one head to head crash resulted in some injuries.

Apart from that, the faulty airbags would also leave the indicators on till they are repaired. All of these issues motivated the NHTSA to launch a probe into the Honda Accord 2008 cars and find the reason behind these faulty airbags.

On the other side, Volkswagen made a recall of Golf, Passat, Jetta and Tiguan cars over the same issues. According to the NHTSA reports, the clock spring and wire connecting to the sensors was getting damaged due to the presence of debris, dust or hairs. The damage then would further lead to the failure of airbags in case of an accident.


So far, no case have been reported due to this issue, and the company is already making the recalls worldwide. Neither the cost nor the time required to cover all of the cars have been estimated by the enterprise.

Apart from this, another automobile giant, General Motors, made a recall of more than 72,000 Chevrolet Cobalt 2010 models over the same faulty airbag issue. As per the NHTSA in this case, the wiring to the roof top airbag gets easily damaged as it passes by the door.


GM has made this recall around the world, with Canada and the United States having the largest number of Cobalt 2010 models. Other than this, no one was injured in this case as well, except a minor injury was reported.

Faulty airbags can lead to severe injuries or death. Companies should inspect all of the aspects before launching the cars in the market.

Apart from that, Cobalt cars were also recalled over faulty ignition switch that used to stop the engine when the car was on the move.

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