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Miller Claims Rudy Giuliani Was Inebriated On Election Night 2020


Former President Trump’s ex-campaign adviser told a House committee on Jan. 6 that he believes Rudy Giuliani was inebriated on election night in 2020 when he attempted to meet with the then-president.

At the start of Monday’s hearing, the select committee investigating the Capitol incident played recordings of testimony from key Trump campaign staffers, in which they described the atmosphere as early election results were tallied across the country.

What Miller Has To Say?

When he spoke with a group of campaign and White House officials on election night, Giuliani appeared drunk, according to Jason Miller, a key campaign strategist at the time.

“He thinks the mayor was intoxicated,” Miller stated in his audio deposition, “but he doesn’t know his level of intoxication when he spoke with the president, for example.”


Miller and Bill Stepien, a former Trump campaign manager, said they lobbied against Trump declaring victory that night because of the large number of uncounted mail-in ballots around the country. However, Miller noted Giuliani had urged Trump to declare victory too soon.

“He believes it was Mayor Giuliani who suggested that we go ahead and declare victory and say we won it outright,” Miller stated.

As reported by The Hill, Trump erroneously claimed to have won the election in the early morning hours of November 4th, based on tballot’sots cast. In his statements, he stated, “We’ll be going to the United States Supreme Court; we want all voting to stop.” “We don’t want them to come across any ballots at 4 a.m. and add them to the list.”

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