Microsoft’s profits plummet again for Q3 2015, while lumia, Xbox sales boosts

Microsoft is seeing its profits plummet year-after-year. Right now, it isn’t entirely clear what the company is going to do to correct it, or if they even can correct it at this point. Once again, computer sales and software sales were the biggest failing – dropping 20.7% to last year. For the company that once ruled the computing world – it doesn’t look like they’re ruling much of anything – except how to lose out on customer base, and overall business.

Things have changed for Microsoft. The company has been focusing on delivering a better experience for cross platform users than the traditional ones, but that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from challenging on all fronts. When it came to their mobile business, that saw a decline of 9% from what they expected to see, given the fact that Microsoft wasn’t actually operating their Lumia lineup a year ago.


For Microsoft the challenge is becoming relevant again like they were so many years ago. Whether it was the failure of Windows 8, or the disappointment that Windows Phone has brought to users over the course of the last several years – it hasn’t been until the last several months that the company has really started pushing their new agenda. It couldn’t have come soon enough, either. Windows 8 wasn’t something that grew on customers – instead it was something that failed users on a regular basis.

Now though, it would appear as though the tide has to turn for the company. The overall production wasn’t bad this quarter for Microsoft. It beat most Wall Street expectations and will still have a chance to begin delivering in places where they have been failing to date in the next few months. If they can’t pull things together in the coming months though, the year, or two that follow could be some of the worst times the company has ever seen to date. That would only be compounded by a failure to launch Windows 10 after all of this build up.


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