Home Technology Microsoft may release the Windows 9 on September 30

Microsoft may release the Windows 9 on September 30


Microsoft may be revealing its latest operating system installment with reports speculating that the Windows 9 OS (codenamed ‘Windows Threshold’) could be part of the press event set for September 30.

Though it has not been officially announced, the said ‘technology preview’ could very well end up the actually release date of Windows 9 as Microsoft tries to rebound from a forgettable Windows 8 launching.

With regards on what to expect, well, definitely a lot of improvements. Among them include a mini Smart menu, separate windows for Metro-style applications and possibly support for virtual desktop applications.

Unlike its predecessor (Windows 8), the next installment is expected to be made more accustomed for desktop users, which includes a more user-friendly interface for mouse and keyboard for the desktop using folks.



On the area of its actual name, it is also expected that Microsoft would be sticking it out with their numbered niche which has become their trademark thus far.


Now before you go on jumping, do remember that these reports are speculative and tentative. But if you are among the Windows 8 users, you can bet that a lot are hoping and praying for Windows 9 (or Windows Threshold) to come out soon, especially the ones who had bad experiences with the previous Windows operating system. Either that or perhaps a beta version could be in store come September 30.

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