Mass extinction #6 due to humans is underway

The sixth mass extinction in Earth’s history is underway, according to new reports from scientists. The study comes after mass research has been taking place on the impact that humans are having on the Earth, it’s climate, and the world we live in. The research was published in the journal called Science Advances. The study found that even if the slightest of figures, it would appear as though the rate at which species are disappearing is nearly 100 times greater than any previous period.

The team pointed out in a report that, “This will require rapid, greatly intensified efforts to conserve already threatened species and to alleviate pressures on their populations – notably habitat loss, overexploitation for economic gain, and climate change.” The study though pointed out that there are methods that can be taken to curb the problems that have been present to this point. For example, repopulating various parts of the world with animals that have otherwise seen declines in population figures, is one method for fixing the problem that exists.

However, opponents of this method point out that there have been countless errors made in putting this type of methodology into action. Even more urgently though, the problems that need to be addressed have to do with people. The human impact on Earth as a whole, is something that has always been a challenge. Seemingly in recent years, it’s been a challenge that cannot be met by humans.

The team found that the rate at which species were becoming extinct was greater than 114 times the “normal” extinction rates. Perhaps most frighteningly though, the research team found that it would take as few as three human lifetimes to actually see and feel some serious biodiversity failures that would result from a continuation of this extinction rate.

Dr. Gerardo Ceballos of the National Autonomous University of Mexico pointed out how much of a surprise this study actually was for them. He said of the results that, “We were very surprised to see how bad it is.” He continued by pointing out that, “This is very depressing because we used the most conservative rates, and even then they are much higher than the normal extinction rate, really indicating we are having a massive loss of the species.”

Many scientists now are concerned about the “quality of life” that we’ve become accustomed to. As we continue going down this road, it becomes a matter of impacting the life we consider “normal” here on Earth for humans. This is the point where we need to start looking at how we interact with our natural world, and start addressing some of the many concerns that exist in the climate change space.


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