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How Virtual Reality is changing the gaming industry?


Virtual reality is gaining importance worldwide, which has changed the way in which people communicate with their smartphones. Nowadays, smartphone manufacturers are bundling VR headsets to enable customers to experience the real 360-degree content. In 2016, OnePlus distributed Loop VR headsets to experience the OnePlus 3 launch event.

Virtual reality not only enables users to play the games but immerse themselves in the game. According to industry analysts, the world of VR will take them into a land of full immersion like someone else had.

During the use of Virtual Reality, users will almost forget their presence since the technology will enable them to keep track of cool head, panoramic 360 movements and split screen for each eye.

Moreover, with the implementation of VR, real life user experience and entertainment brings innovation. You can visit New York, Japan, and New Delhi on the same day.


You will be able to achieve these results by making effective use of the Cardboard VR apps. You can either experience outer space combat ship or roll back to the Dinosaur age adventures with the innovative technology.

Furthermore, multiplayer capabilities in the VR bring in more intense competition and fun. You will soon find the emergence of arena style combat VR games. Companies like Lenovo are distributing VR-centric games along with their PCs. They are also integrating the Intel RealSense camera to enable users to experience the real power of the gaming technology.

Without VR, gamers try to control a virtual character during gaming. In VR, the technology itself creates characters. It will immerse gamers into the game exposing them to the real gaming world. Moreover, VR has the potential to provide a new arena of different and unique game experiences.

Virtual Reality has become very popular over the last few years. In the past, gaming console companies attempted to integrate VR technology into games. To recall, Nintendo invested funds in early 1990s on the development of VR hardware. The main purpose of the companies at that time was to experience a VR world using headset type of equipment.

Even though the main goal was to offer a budget friendly game console, the product failed immediately after the launch because of the nature of the used hardware. In 1995, the Nintendo Virtual Boy was released at a cost of $180 but was later discontinued.

In 2017, we expect the rapid growth of Oculus Rift, which has evolved to be one of the important gaming hardware. Even though Oculus Rift is not available in all countries, the graphics produced by it are close to simulating reality. Moreover, Microsoft and Sony are expected to release exclusive gaming consoles that go beyond the currently available Cbox One and PS4.

Going forward, Virtual Reality will surely change the way we communicate with the gaming industry. We can expect several companies to ship VR headsets along with their smartphones. With companies like OnePlus launching handsets with VR, we expect the company to release a compatible headset in 2017.

The big problem with the use of VR headsets is that it adds unnecessary weight to your head. Recently, Google released an exclusive headset manufactured with a soft cloth. In 2017, companies will manufacture VR headsets in such a way not to cause unnecessary strain to your head.

The Virtual Reality can be used in an optimum way in the film, journalism and art fields. The amount of investment needed will be huge but at the end of the day, the experience will be awesome. In future, we can expect a huge boost in the VR with the public availability of Oculus Rift and other gaming headsets.

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