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Google is building its own Android smartwatches

Some days back it was reported that Google would be coming out with its smartphones, now the latest news that has emerged is Google is apparently working on making their Android smartwatches as well.

Reports have suggested that Google will unveil its wearable Nexus branding watches just after the latest Nexus phones were announced some time back.

It is a known fact that Google initial code names for every project start with a fish names, so the upcoming watches are called Swordfish and Angelfish respectively.

The large sporty version codenamed Angelfish will have fully featured functions like LTE, GPS, heart rate monitor. The larger version will be 14mm thick with a 43.5 mm diameter, and the model will be similar to Moto 360 and LG’s Urbane 2nd Edition LTE.

Along with that, it will feature three buttons; the larger centered button would be on the right side of the body, and two smaller buttons will be there on either side of the main button.

It’s said that the device will be quite large as it will feature a battery to power the LTE connection.

On the other hand, the smaller model codenamed Swordfish will come with a 42 mm screen. Reports suggest that the watch Pebble Time Round design will be influenced by the Apple watch.

The smaller variant will be 10.6 mm and will be running Android Wear 2.0 with Google Assistant integration. It’s reported that the watches which come in silver, titanium and rose gold will lack features like mobile data and GPS.

It will have a single button that will be centered on the right-hand side of the body. While for now, it remains unclear if the smaller variant will have a heart-rate monitor.

For now, the news is doing the round that larger sportier version Angelfish due to its design will not support the Google interchangeable MODE whereas the smaller variant Swordfish will be compatible with MODE bands.

Even though no actual images of the devices are available at this time, nor has Google mentioned anything about the release date or the pricing details of the watches.

But we wait to see how will Google’s flagship Android Wear smartwatches fare against competitors like Apple and Samsung in the second half of 2016.

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