Four Common Faults in Modern Cars


With all the recent advancements we’ve made in automotive technology, you’d expect us to have bulletproof fully self-servicing cars right now, but that’s not the case yet. Modern cars have plenty of faults, and since vehicles are now more complex than ever, these issues can be just as complex as well. This is why you need to be aware of them. This will allow you to prepare accordingly and know how to maintain your vehicle better. Let’s take a look at some of the most common faults in modern cars.

Exhaust and Emission Control Issues

Emission control systems are installed in new vehicles as a response to rising environmental concerns and regulation. However, they often experience issues. You will usually get an alert on the dashboard when it happens, but it’s not always the case. These issues can often be tough to diagnose as well.

This is why we suggest you invest in an odb2 scanner. A Bluetooth scanner will allow you to access the same diagnostics as your average mechanic and know exactly what’s at the root of the problem. We suggest you do your research and learn more about best Bluetooth obd2 scanner and make sure that you pick one that includes an extensive code library and is compatible with your Android or Apple device.

Infotainment/Navigation System

While manufacturers have been doing a lot to fix previous issues with infotainment systems, there is still some way to go according to the experts. While Bluetooth connectivity issues are much less common, infotainment systems are still one of the most common complaints among new owners.


Navigation systems also tend to be a large source of problems. While neither of these causes a direct security threat, having a malfunctioning infotainment or navigation system takes away from the vehicle’s convenience and makes driving a lot less enjoyable. Not to mention that these issues can be very expensive to fix.

Battery Problems

While battery issues are usually something we associate with older vehicles, they’re still very common with new cars. However, in most cases, these issues are due to poor usage rather than manufacturing issues.

Many drivers still get in the habit of forgetting to unplug devices or leaving the lights on when they’re not in the vehicle. Both habits will drain any battery no matter the car’s age. Battery issues are usually easy to identify, however. You’ll usually get an alert on your dashboard or may notice that the car doesn’t start as easily as it usually does.

Mechanical Brake System

This one is a major issue that you will need to know how to identify, especially if your vehicle isn’t due for an inspection anytime soon. Listen for any vibration or noise when braking. Also, check if your vehicle is getting pulled to one side when you do. Slow acceleration could be another sign of a faulty brake system.


These are all common faults that you can expect to see in most recent vehicles. So, make sure that you prepare for them and do everything that you can to prevent them from happening when possible.

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