Fly Labs, video editing startup flies to Google for undisclosed amount

Google has acquired Fly Labs, a video-editing apps company based in New York for an undisclosed amount, and will be absorbing all the staffs and employees of the start-up into Mountain View, California.

Fly Labs is reputed for such video-editing apps as Clips, Fly, Tempo, and Crop on the Fly among others. These according to the company have been downloaded over 3 million times in over 150 countries and used to produce over 20 million videos.

The startup produced apps that millions of people across the world have found valuable for editing videos on the fly, and one of them, Crop, helps video editors to change vertical videos taken with cellphones into horizontal so that they can be used on YouTube and other video sites. And Clips, can convert fragments of video clips into a shot film that will be enjoyable by all.

Google made the move to acquire the small company after the later reported a reduced earning in six years. The company went on to raise a capital of $750,000 before Google came on the scene and offered a buy-up. And then, the terms of the deal were not disclosed. The technology used by Fly Labs will now be folded into Google’s photos app, Photos.

In a statement released by Fly Labs, the company said it is excited to announced its acquisition by Google, and glad that be owned now by Google because both companies are enthusiastic about making apps that perpetuate peoples’ memories through quality photos and videos.

Fly Labs said it will now be joining with Google Photos to continue its video-editing mission, and advancing its ideals on Google’s machine-learning and computer-vision technology. Fly Labs will now fold its operations into Google Photos, and extend the same vigor and enthusiasm they had for Fly Labs into Google Photos.

Fly Labs as of today has no in-app ad purchases anymore, and its apps will continue to be available on App Store for three more months to enable anyone still interested to be able to still download them; but there won’t be any more software updates for the apps. The apps will still continue to work on individual phones once they are finally removed from App Store.